Shipping Information


Green Point Nurseries offers a variety of ways to ship. Service from our company straight to your door with Federal Express, large quantities and fast turnover with Airline Cargo shipping are but two of the options available.

FedEx: The most convenient method of shipping is Federal Express. This allows your product to be delivered straight to your door. Currently delivery times are two to three days within the Continental United States. Complete and accurate addresses are necessary for delivery. Incomplete, wrong addresses, zip codes, or missing apartment numbers will delay delivery. Please be aware that Federal Express has a US$10 service charge for wrong address or zip code information

Airline Cargo: Airline Cargo is a service from Airport to Airport. You pick up your shipment at the cargo service area. Airlines we currently use are Hawaiian Airlines, Aloha Airlines, United Airlines (through Commodity Forwarders), Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines and Japan Airlines.

Post Office: The Post Office service allows packages to be delivered to P.O. Boxes and Internationally.

UPS: For those who prefer UPS as their shipper this service is available.

WINTER PACKING: During the months of October through April (actual date dependent on actual weather), there is a winter insulation charge. This charge includes extra foam insulation and if needed, double box (box within a box), and may include additional freight charges.

PACKING STYLES: Anthuriums can be packed in different ways. Bulk Pack is a packing method that packs anthuriums tightly together to minimize that amount of boxes. Cluster Pack is a packing method that effectively minimizes handling and damage to flowers. Using Single Layer Pack is a new method allowing us to ship even the most delicate flowers safely.