Together let’s do our best with the COVID-19 breakout


Aloha Valued Customers and Friends,

Those of us in the business of flowers know that what we do can lift spirits and instill optimism. And if there was a time to brighten people’s lives it is now. The COVID-19 outbreak is causing high anxiety that’s affecting communities across our country and around the world. We trust that you and your family as well as your employees are being safe and staying well.

We understand the Coronavirus is causing major disruption in our marketplace with calls for “social distancing”. It’s affecting large gatherings, which is our core business. My family and our employees would like to express our sincere gratitude for your patronage, and that we will continue to serve you during this difficult period.

We have taken steps within our control to ensure that our service will continue uninterrupted.  Besides basic sanitation practices, we have asked our employees to get their flu shots and if they do feel ill, to stay at home. We provide health care insurance and paid sick leave so they can continue to support their families.

I’m a 2nd generation Hawaii nurseryman and we’ve experienced the economic hit of 9/11, the great recession and here on Hawaii Island, two lava flows in recent years. This virus outbreak is something new but we remain optimistic. We will get through this and come out stronger.

From the researchers who develop new flowers, to the growers who nurture them, to the designers who utilize flowers as medium to create works of art, we who work with flowers are a unique ecosystem and together we will persevere. By being resilient we can continue to do what we love to do. And by doing so, we will lift the human spirit together.

At Green Point Nurseries we strive to provide the highest quality flowers and foliage. Providing quality customer service is also a priority and we know there’s always room for improvement. If you have suggestions on how we can provide better customer care, please contact me directly at: My door will always be open to you.

                             Mahalo nui loa

                                    Eric S. Tanouye

President                                                                                               Green Point Nurseries, Inc